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HEART by Le Panyol… BODY by Maine Wood Heat

Copper Maine Wood Heat Dome Wood fired pizza oven

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Dome Residential Oven

Maine Beer Stainless Maine Wood Heat Wood fired pizza oven

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Commercial Bigelow Oven

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Mobile Open Concept Oven

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Bigelow Residential Oven

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Commercial Cylinder Oven

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Mobile Truck Mounted Oven

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Camelot Residential Oven

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Commercial Dome Oven

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Mobile Enclosed Oven

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DIY Core Kits

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Commercial Camelot Oven

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Commercial Masonry Oven

Maine Wood Heat Wood Fired Ovens

At the Maine Wood Heat Co. our philosophy has always to been to build and promote the greenest, most efficient and beautiful products we could. As the only wood fired oven on the market made from 100% pure materials, the Le Panyol oven is as close to a perfect match as we could ask for.

Since the Roman era, the Terre Blanche de Larnage (White Earth) has been highly regarded as the premier oven core material in France. Compared to”terra cotta, dense firebrick, cold cast refractory concrete”Terre Blanche offers a faster warm up time, incomparable thermal properties, and outstanding efficiency & durability.

Our Le Panyol ovens can come as a core package for a do-it-yourself, or an on-site installation for a commercial all-masonry oven managed by our team of ovenbuilders. We also design and build prefabricated/fully assembled metal clad ovens here at our headquarters in Maine, for both residential and commercial use. Browse our various models in the gallery above.

¦I'm in love with a wonderful stove¦this is the most beautiful, elegant and well designed thing we have every owned. Had a fabulous maiden voyage making pizza in the orchard yesterday, huge hit with the public. Thank you, we LOVE it, great draft, amazing heat holding capacity.

Elizabeth Ryan

After having built one of these ovens, I have realized that the price that you sell your mobile ovens for is very reasonable.

Dan Woodruff

I've owned my gorgeous corten wood-fired oven for three years now and each year of use gets better than the last. It is so well-constructed that I can sometimes revive the fire a full two days after an evening of pizza-making. I thought about getting a cover for it since Seattle winters can be quite unforgiving with rain, wind, moss, and mold, but it withstands the elements with grace and only gets more beautiful with age. Plus, I find that I use it year-round, which surprised me. It's because it's easy to light a fire that holds for hours, and so even in winter I only have to be outside for a minute at a time to use it. My Instagram page (@saltyseattle) has pictures of my wood-fired baby in action, as well as some of the creations that emerge from it if you'd like to dig deeper. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the real-life usability of these great ovens.

Linda Nicholson

We love our pizza oven! Cooked last Thanksgiving's turkey in it. We've done several briskets, pulled pork, meatloaf, roasted peppers and the list goes on. Friday nights are pizza nights. We hope to find the time to master bread making.

Patti Scribner

Selecting Your Wood Fired Oven


Excited to create a business around a wood fired oven or the gypsy in you must have an oven with wheels on it to enjoy with friends and family? Roll on over to our gorgeous mobile units.


Home gourmand needing a stellar addition to your in or outdoor kitchen? The residential line is for you. (If you’re seeking to heat your home as well as cook with a wood fired oven, check out our masonry heaters.)


Want the premiere oven for a large-scale artisan wood fired restaurant, bakery, or pizzeria? Look no further.


Put your own sweat-equity (or, hello, hire a mason!) into your oven so your cooking won’t be the only source of pride while dining. Check out our Core Kit Packages.

At the Heart of All of Our Ovens is Terre Blanche: Sensational Soil

At the doorstep of Provence, tucked away at the heart of the Crozes Hermitage vineyards, lies special deposit of clay”the Terre Blanche or White Earth of Larnage.

This unique material has been refined over the passage of millions of years. It is born of natural elements: abundant sunshine, brisk winds, and the cool, clear water of the ancient streams and rivers of the area.

Terre Blanche yields two remarkable things: excellent wine and exceptional earthenware cooking products. It has been the primary element in French culinary ceramics since the Roman era, prized for its exceptional thermal properties and durability. This is the core of every Maine Wood Heat oven.

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