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I remember telling Scott when I first met him 5 years ago, how long I had been looking for the right Wood Fired Oven. I had spent nearly a year traveling around the country testing ovens. Each time leaving dissatisfied, but convinced I was going to have to settle on one outside of San Francisco. A few weeks later, I happened to be speaking to a friend of mine cooking for a summer at an Inn up in your neck of the woods.

He’s a pizza nut like myself. He was cooking pizza in a 20 plus year old Le Panyol that Albie had built, that many years back. It was showing some age but he really loved cooking in it. I drove to Skowhegan two days later… the rest is history! Five years & 3 ovens later, I still love them. The 120 is the most controlled, even cooking oven out there.

Your team has always allowed me to be creative with the cladding, even when it was something you had not tried before. The testament to the quality of these ovens is how quick they caught on here in Boston. I didn’t know anyone who had a Le Panyol 5 years ago when Scott built the 130 for me in Somerville.
They certainly are sought after here now.

Thanks for all the pride you take!! – Jeff Pond, Chef & Co-Owner, Area Four Restaurants


Following the appeal of the indoor concept cylinder shape design, we wanted to offer a variation that was outdoor worthy. The combination of a cylindrical body with a hemispherical top, resembling a similar feel to the cask detail that many breweries are using, fit the bill perfectly. And with that, the Bigelow was born and another design option added to the lineup.



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Artisan Bakery or Bistro Oven

The Le Panyol 120 is our 4ft (inside diameter) model, a versatile professional grade wood fired oven that excels in smaller commercial spaces and the tool of the trade for chefs, pizzaiolo and artisan bakers alike, including:


Inner Diameter: 47 1/4″
Inside Height: 17 5/16″
Door Opening: 10 1/4″ x 21 1/4″
Cooking Surface: 12.1 sq/ft
Oven (w/stand) Weight: 4,900 lbs

Commercial Wood Fired Oven

A Model 180 is an investment in your future, delivering unsurpassed quality and efficiency year after year in any production capacity. Professional bakers and cooks will find the benefits of using a Le Panyol invaluable, including:

    • Rapid temperature rise
    • Long convection
    • Low fuel consumption
    • Certified in health & food safety


Inner Diameter: 70 7/8″
Inside Height: 29 3/8″
Door Opening: 13 3/8″ x 25 3/13″
Cooking Surface: 27.5 sq/ft
Oven (w/stand) Weight: 9,000 lbs

Delivery + Set up

Ovens are large and heavy, learn about what’s involved in shipping, receiving, and placing your oven.

Veneer options

Our turnkey ovens can be clad in a few different metals with a variety of finishes. Click on the swatches to see more.


Raw Copper

Copper Patina


Raw Corten Steel


Oiled Corten Steel

Stainless Steel

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