Heater Core Packages

(aka: AlbieCore™ & AlbieCoreSomeMore™)

Maine Wood Heat’s patented partial masonry heater core system, designed by Albie Barden and fabricated at our headquarters in Central Maine, USA. Albie based his core on the enduring Finnish Contraflow design, adapting it to American standards with serviceability in mind.

Available in standard and extended depth (the AlbieCoreSomeMore™) versions, the AlbieCore™ offers performance flexibility to fit a variety of installation and heating requirements.

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Soapstone Cottage Heaters

Cottage Heater

Our Most Efficient Footprint & Outstanding Heat Capacity

Our custom built freestanding Soapstone Heater, called the Cottage Heater, is a great option for a smaller home of 1,000-1,200 square feet, or for space heating in a larger home. This unit is entirely handmade using firebrick and cast refractory components for the core and soapstone as the veneer. Because we pre-cut the materials for the outside and inside of the heater at our shop, installation of this heater can be accomplished in about three days. The exit can be on the rear or the top, and the heater can be built with or without an upper chamber bake oven.

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Imported Heater Kits

Solid Options From A Few Other Heater Builders

Maine Wood Heat offers modestly sized, cost efficient imported Do-It-Yourself heater kits from Tigchelkachels (Holland), Tiileri (Finland), and Les Pierres Steatites (Canada). These international companies, similar to Maine Wood Heat Co. are small family-owned businesses whose focus is to bring the best, most comfortable heat to homes in a kit that can be assembled by a local mason or skilled DIY builder. Approved here in the U.S. and Canada!

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Heater Services

From consulting and design, construction services, providing hardware for your heater, to offering workshops for hands-on experience with Albie Barden to learn how to build a heater – we provide all that you would need (okay, not the wood to burn!) to have a masonry heater of your own to enjoy. Doggie naps on the hearth are free!

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