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I’ve owned my gorgeous corten wood-fired oven for three years now and each year of use gets better than the last. It is so well-constructed that I can sometimes revive the fire a full two days after an evening of pizza-making. I thought about getting a cover for it since Seattle winters can be quite unforgiving with rain, wind, moss, and mold, but it withstands the elements with grace and only gets more beautiful with age. Plus, I find that I use it year-round, which surprised me. It’s because it’s easy to light a fire that holds for hours, and so even in winter I only have to be outside for a minute at a time to use it. My Instagram page (@saltyseattle) has pictures of my wood-fired baby in action, as well as some of the creations that emerge from it if you’d like to dig deeper. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the real-life usability of these great ovens. ~ Linda Nicholson


Handcut metal segments artistically welded together into a weatherproof skin was our multi-purpose solution for functionally, as well as aesthetically, encasing the Le Panyol oven core. For the inaugural design, the dome shape was picked for the shell as it followed, and perfectly hugged, the rounded lines of the core itself.


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The Model 66 residential wood fired oven is the choice of home bakers and gourmets, with a modest footprint for ease of integration into any kitchen, deck, backyard or patio. It’s the perfect size for regularly cooking light wholesome meals for a small household.


Inner Diameter: 26″
Inside Height: 12 1/4″
Door Opening: 8 5/8″ x 16 7/8″”
Cooking Surface: 3.68 sq/ft
Oven (w/stand) Weight: 2,150 lbs

The Model 83 is an ideal wood burning pizza oven for your home, featuring additional capacity and hearth space for larger families or those with a taste for entertaining. Once up to temperature, pizzas can cook within 2-3 minutes in a Le Panyol, meaning effortless wood fired pizza party production!


Inner Diameter: 32 5/8″
Inside Height: 12 1/4″
Door Opening: 8 5/8 x 16 7/8″
Cooking Surface: 5.8 sq/ft
Oven (w/stand) Weight: 2,800 lbs

A variation of the Model 83, featuring an identical cooking surface in a slightly different configuration. An oblong wood fired oven in the style preferred by many traditional artisan bread bakers. This particular shape allows for easier loading, and actually more capacity for bread than the 83.


Inner Diameter: 26″ x 39″”
Inside Height: 12 1/4″
Door Opening: 8 5/8″ x 16 7/8″
Cooking Surface: 6.03 sq/ft
Oven (w/stand) Weight: 2,500 lbs

The serious oven for serious bakers and entertainers. Multiple rounds of bread and multi-course meals are no problem in Le Panyol’s largest domestic wood fired baking oven. The keystone in the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!


Inner Diameter: 39 3/8″
Inside Height: 12 1/4″
Door Opening: 8 5/8″ x 16 7/8″
Cooking Surface: 9.9 sq/ft
Oven (w/stand) Weight: 4,100 lbs

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Veneer options

Our turnkey ovens can be clad in a few different metals with a variety of finishes. Click on the swatches to see more.


Raw Copper

Copper Patina


Raw Corten Steel


Oiled Corten Steel

Stainless Steel

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