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Our custom built freestanding Soapstone Heater, called the Cottage Heater, is a great option for a smaller home of 1,000-1,200 square feet, or for space heating in a larger home. This unit is entirely handmade using firebrick and cast refractory components for the core and soapstone as the veneer. Because we pre-cut the materials for the outside and inside of the heater at our shop, installation of this heater can be accomplished in about three days. The exit can be on the rear or the top, and the heater can be built with or without an upper chamber bake oven.

For more information on the design and installation, read through the full history of this heater.

  • The Cottage Heater is for local installs only in Maine.


The Cottage Heater materials without the oven cost about $11,500.00. The Cottage Heater materials with the oven run $12,500.00 for materials only.

Basic installation costs for the heater with the bake oven would be around $4,200.00. The heater without the bake oven (which is slightly smaller) would cost approximately $3,600.00 for installation. Other work including shoring up framed floors to handle the weight, using thickened slab areas in new construction with a slab just for example are likely to be required. Installation costs are for labor only and do not include travel.


The soapstone Cottage heater with/without a bake oven measures roughly 30″ wide by 27.5″ deep and 76.5″ tall.

Both units are classified as standard masonry heaters with 4″ clearance to combustibles on sides and rear, 8 on top, and 48 in front of the loading door.

View the layout sketch to get an idea of how it might fit into your existing or new home.

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