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Albie's Corner
December 18, 2015

Parisian Wood Fired Basement Ovens

Traditional wood fired ovens were widely distributed throughout Paris. The retail bake shop was very visible and located at street level with display windows along the sidewalk. The engine that ran and supplied all the baked goods was in the basement where natural conditions provided a darker cooler space in…

Heater Project Diaries
November 19, 2015

The East Madison Restoration Project 2015

  Ten minutes from our shop in Skowhegan, Maine, Rick Anzelc purchased a 1830’s Greek Revival farmhouse, ell, wood shed and barn where he had lived as a boy. Recent previous owners/tenants had not treated the home well, and after the last tenants left the abandoned house suffered the loss…

Heater Project Diaries
August 17, 2015

Heater in Bowdoinham, ME

Reeve and Hannah Wood purchased an early 19th century farmhouse in Bowdoinham, Maine just off the undeveloped exit on I-295. Reeve and his brother (a carpenter) have been putting in new bathrooms, a new kitchen with an antique stone sink, new windows, and other major upgrades/improvements during their reconstruction project….

Heater Project Diaries
January 28, 2015

The Schultz Heater

Converting a poorly built brick Heatilator fireplace into a high efficiency double downdraft stone veneer masonry heater with fire view, bake oven and heated bench in Lanesboro, MA. (2014)   The timber frame house and ten acres of open land on a ridge just outside of Pittsfield, Massachusetts offered enough…