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Masonry Heaters

A masonry heater from Albie Barden will keep your home and loved ones warm, happy and healthy all winter long. Much more than a simple fixture or appliance, we like to say that a masonry heater is the Heart of the Home. Its gentle heat draws us in on cold days with a warm embrace and the allure of a flickering fire.

The tradition of masonry heaters is founded in an enduring dedication to efficiency. The concept is simple, tried and true: Complete combustion is utilized to warm the masonry mass, which in turn radiates healthy, long-lasting heat throughout the home, renewing the energy of those who gather around it.

¦I'm in love with a wonderful stove¦this is the most beautiful, elegant and well designed thing we have every owned. Had a fabulous maiden voyage making pizza in the orchard yesterday, huge hit with the public. Thank you, we LOVE it, great draft, amazing heat holding capacity.

Elizabeth Ryan

After having built one of these ovens, I have realized that the price that you sell your mobile ovens for is very reasonable.

Dan Woodruff

I've owned my gorgeous corten wood-fired oven for three years now and each year of use gets better than the last. It is so well-constructed that I can sometimes revive the fire a full two days after an evening of pizza-making. I thought about getting a cover for it since Seattle winters can be quite unforgiving with rain, wind, moss, and mold, but it withstands the elements with grace and only gets more beautiful with age. Plus, I find that I use it year-round, which surprised me. It's because it's easy to light a fire that holds for hours, and so even in winter I only have to be outside for a minute at a time to use it. My Instagram page (@saltyseattle) has pictures of my wood-fired baby in action, as well as some of the creations that emerge from it if you'd like to dig deeper. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the real-life usability of these great ovens.

Linda Nicholson

We love our pizza oven! Cooked last Thanksgiving's turkey in it. We've done several briskets, pulled pork, meatloaf, roasted peppers and the list goes on. Friday nights are pizza nights. We hope to find the time to master bread making.

Patti Scribner

Why Choose A Masonry Heater?


Maine Wood Heat’s AlbieCore Finnish Contraflow masonry heater creates near-perfect combustion conditions in order to effectively transform solid wood into gas fuel. Burn just two small fires every 24 hours. Add another layer of efficiency by incorporating a bake oven into your heater so you can take advantage of the opportunity to cook while heating.


Gentle low-temperature radiant warmth is kind to the body throughout the winter ” that means no dry skin or sinuses. Our Contraflow masonry design creates natural convection airflow within a home, decreasing the transference of respiratory ailments, too.


With a short efficient burn and large surfaces to radiate gentle heat, Finnish masonry heaters provide sound peace of mind. A burn cycle started at 6pm is completely over by bedtime, yet still disperses heat throughout the night and into the next day. Stay warm, safe and sleep tight. When the fire is out, the heat is on.


Our Master builders can integrate a masonry heater into almost any space, working with your home’s existing aesthetics to create a functional architectural element or piece of art.


The warm surfaces (add a bench to your heater to thoroughly enjoy the warm surfaces!) and inviting contours of masonry heaters have been the social center of traditional households for centuries”for visiting, playing, relaxing and all life’s joys in between.

Heater Products

We offer two different cores for heaters: The Albiecore and The Albiecore S’more. If you have a tighter timeline or budget, our pre-made soapstone heaters can get you toasting your toes at the fire quicker than you can process the wood for the fire.

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Heater Services

From consulting and design, construction services, providing hardware for your heater, to offering workshops for hands-on experience with Albie Barden to learn how to build a heater “ we provide all that you would need (okay, not the wood to burn!) to have a masonry heater of your own to enjoy. Doggie naps on the hearth are free!

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