Commercial Wood Fired Ovens

Commercial Wood Fired Ovens

~ Le Panyol ovens are the ultimate choice for large-scale artisan wood fired bakeries and pizzerias ~

Le Panyol commercial wood fired ovens are tailor-made for bakers, artisans, or restauranteurs who wish to revive tradition and benefit from high-performing, efficient cooking equipment. They are truly the centerpiece of a restaurant or bakery, delivering unsurpassed quality and efficiency year after year in any production capacity.

Having built relationships with a wide-variety of artisan bakers and professional chefs, including:

…We value the importance of heat efficiency, and embrace the notion of cooking large amounts of food without sacrificing flavor, quality, or authenticity.

All of our commercial wood fired ovens are 100% organic, and are made of “Terre Blanche” clay which has been highly regarded as the premier oven core material in France for over 150 years. This specific material has also been tested to meet all UL 2162, ULC S627-00 and ANSI/NSF 4 standards. This means, food can be placed directly on the hearth tiles because the organic properties do not denature it in any way, not even at high temperatures. Food cooked in a Le Panyol oven is the most wholesome: taste, flavor and aroma are fully preserved.

The real magic of the Terre Blanche lies in its unique insulative properties. By balancing the stored and radiant energy of fire, a Le Panyol comes online quickly and holds heat longer, consuming 1/2 to 1/4 of the fuel required by other types of ovens. Since less fuel is needed to reach higher temperatures, Le Panyol ovens dramatically reduce wood consumption, resulting in a product that is efficient, and clean-burning.

Most importantly, at Maine Wood Heat and Le Panyol USA we are committed to providing you with the world’s finest wood fired oven for your business.

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