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Mobile Open Concept Oven

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Mobile Truck Mounted Oven

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Mobile Enclosed Oven

Mobile Wood Fired Ovens

Transport your culinary mecca to where the people are.

Attract the Crowd

Create opportunities to grow your business, share good times and good food, wherever the road takes you: fairs and festivals, tailgating at athletic events, concerts in the park, local farmers’ markets, weddings or special events.

The artistic design, and handcrafted copper and corten steel domes sheltering each mobile oven are authentic, unique, and never fail to stand out in a crowd. Style is just an added benefit considering Le Panyol offers the only 100% all natural, most heat efficient wood fired oven on the market. The domes also come with a 10-year limited warranty, making your investment all the more sound.

Crafted To Last

This original series of mobile ovens are fully assembled on a custom designed trailer, and completely fabricated in our shop. Each mobile oven is meticulously constructed with road use wear and tear in mind. Our internal retention system is a testament to our unrelenting mission to provide the longest lasting mobile wood fired ovens on the market. And of course, all our trailers meet or exceed US DOT requirements and specifications for road safety.

Read our client’s reviews, watch videos or take a look through our mobile oven gallery above to view all models and custom designs. You’ll see that our mobile ovens can be designed around any Le Panyol core “ from the Model 66 up to the Model 120. There are a number of options to choose from , including open or enclosed layouts, spare tires, trailer size, removable tongue, a rotating oven feature, wood or stainless decking material, Corten steel or copper facade, and single axle vs. dual axle trailers. Included with our mobile oven units, at no additional charge, are a set of our unique stainless steel baking tools.

Customized Down To The Weld

We welcome challenges and invite you to think outside the box.  With both our design and fabrication under the same roof you can expect professional help from beginning to end.

Since most clients choose custom options, all of our mobile ovens are made to order.  We entertain many visions from clients and do well at making their dreams into practical realities.  There is more lead time for custom projects.  If you’re serious about considering a mobile wood fired oven give some thought to your needs and give us some information up front about yourself and your venture.  We’re a small, family company and we appreciate getting to know each client enough to offer personal service and design advice based on your needs.