Consulting & Design

Integrating a wood burning masonry heater into your building project or existing home can be an exciting and involved task. The plans and manuals offered by Maine Wood Heat are thorough and complete, but you may still wish to seek the expert opinion or advice of a master mason to help you select the right heater for your individual needs.

The Maine Wood Heat Co. offers both on-site (for customers in New England) and remote wood burning heater consultation and design services. We can assist you with any stage of your project, from the smallest detail to complete project management from start to finish.

Please contact us for current rates, or view the “What to Expect…” information at the bottom of this page.

Heater Materials & Hardware

Maine Wood Heat’s patented partial masonry heater core system, the AlbieCore, was designed by Albie Barden and is fabricated at our headquarters in Central Maine, USA. Albie based his core on the enduring Finnish Contraflow design, adapting it to American standards with serviceability in mind.

Available in standard and extended depth versions, the AlbieCore™ offers performance flexibility to fit a variety of installation and heating requirements.

We also offer a full line of top quality Finnish cast iron hardware and other accessories to go along with your heater.

Construction Services

A competent, passionate mason is the most important aspect of any masonry heater project. As a homegrown family business, Maine Wood Heat Co. strives to provide creative, informed construction options to help every client realize their wood heat dreams.

We have been known to stay on-site with more remote customers and even occasionally allow clients to work along side our masons in order to offset construction costs. While cozy, such unique arrangements often enhance the experience of adding this integral new component to your home.

Send us your plans, or call to talk with one of our heater builders about your project.


Ever Dream of Building a Masonry Heater or Wood Fired Oven?

Maine Wood Heat Co. teaches week-long, hands-on construction workshops several times a year in Maine and in other parts of the U.S. and Canada. In each workshop, 5-12 masons, builders or owner-builders construct a masonry heater, Le Panyol wood fired oven, cookstove, or some combination of the three. Foundation work and chimney work above the unit is carried out by local masons.

Workshops afford the interested professional mason highly informative, thorough introduction to the subject of heater construction on a first-heater job. For the owner-builder, the workshop offers a focused exposure to heater and wood fired oven design and construction as well as exposure to basic masonry techniques.

Current cost for a workshop is $500.00 per person, paid in advance. Room and board are not included in this cost. Most workshop sites and dates, however, are chosen with an available low-cost camping option for participants.

Customers or organizations wishing to sponsor or host a workshop are benefited directly in three ways:

  • A qualified instructor with extensive heater experience supervises all phases of the project.
  • The project is completed on an efficient one-week time schedule.
  • Labor costs for the sponsor are limited to the instructor alone rather than to a full masonry crew (three persons).

Should the sponsoring individual or group choose to organize the workshop, tuition fees are paid directly to the sponsor to offset construction costs (our instructor is paid current Maine Wood Heat Company hourly rates plus all expenses). When the Maine Wood Heat Co. organizes a workshop, instructor is paid our current hourly rate in addition to the tuition fees. (Higher instructor fees are charged for dual unit workshops. Dual unit workshops usually take approximately 10 days and will have higher labor and tuition fees.)

If you wish to participate in a workshop, please email your name, phone number and mailing address to Interested workshop hosts, please contact us at least three months in advance.

Upcoming workshops will be posted on the Maine Wood Heat Blog Events section.

What to Expect When Building a Masonry Heater with Us

  • A skilled two-person crew can expect to build a simple brick heater and the first eight feet of a single flue chimney in seven days. Additional features, foundation work, or additional chimney work will require additional time.
  • Custom made stone veneered heaters can take several weeks to construct and are considerably more expensive than brick heaters.
  • In order to create a workable schedule, and to allow us to order and hold materials for each client, advance notice of approximately three months and payment in full for all materials is required for all heater projects.
  • Maine Wood Heat Co., Inc. will prepare a materials and labor estimate detailing the various aspects of the job (foundation, heater, inside chimney, above the roof chimney, benches (optional), cleanup, etc.)
  • By signing the proposal the client commits to the project and the purchase of materials. Our estimate is not a contractual bid with a profit margin figured in.
  • Labor is paid on a weekly basis.