About The AlbieCore™ + AlbieCoreS’More™

Maine Wood Heat’s patented partial (other materials are needed to complete the heater) masonry heater core system is designed by Albie Barden and fabricated at our headquarters in Central Maine, USA. Albie based his core on the enduring Finnish Contraflow design, adapting it to American standards with serviceability in mind. We cast and prep the cores to order with about a two week lead time.

The cores are a great foundation from which to create a unique heater for your home. Select a veneer style and material of your choice and layout possibilities can include heated benches, a bake oven, wood storage area, see-through fireboxes, masonry chimneys or top exit Class A chimneys.

Available in standard and extended depth (the AlbieCoreS’More™) versions, the AlbieCore™ offers performance flexibility to fit a variety of installation and heating requirements.

The Core

The gray-colored items above are the actual AlbieCore™ components. The AlbieCore™ package that you purchase comes with a list of items to build the core, to fully complete the heater you’ll need other items that should be sourced local to the heater (for example, the yellow items in the graphic above are firebrick that do not come with the core because you can typically source them locally).

View the AlbieCore™ Materials list for a full listing of what comes in this core package (items in red on the list) and what you’ll need to source locally to complete your heater.


The AlbieCore™

  • Heating capacity: 2,200 to 2,400 ft^2.
  • Core alone dimensions 27″D x 27″W
  • With heat exchange channels and brick exterior dimensions are 36″D a 48″W
  • Core kit cost: $1900

The AlbieCoreS’More™

  • Heating capacity:     ft^2.
  • Core alone dimensions are 31 1/2″ D x 27″ W
  • With heat exchange channels and brick exterior dimensions are 40″D x 64″W
  • Core kit cost: $2400

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