The AlbieCore

Heater Core Packages

Maine Wood Heat’s patented partial masonry heater core system, designed by Albie Barden and fabricated at our headquarters in Central Maine, USA. Albie based his core on the enduring Finnish Contraflow design, adapting it to American standards with serviceability in mind.

Available in standard and extended depth versions, the AlbieCore™ offers performance flexibility to fit a variety of installation and heating requirements.

We also offer a full line of top quality Finnish cast iron hardware and other accessories to go along with your heater. Click here to shop our wide range of modern, decorative, and traditional cast iron doors, grates, by-passes, dampers and cookstove components.

The AlbieCore™

  • Core dimensions 27″D x 27″W
  • With heat exchange channels and brick exterior
  • Overall dimensions are 36″D a 48″W
  • $1900.00


  • Extended version: dimensions are
    31 1/2″ D x 27″ W
  • With heat exchange channels and brick exterior
  • Overall dimensions are 40″D x 64″W
  • $2400.00

The AlbieCore™ can be integrated into any heater project. To learn more about what’s included in the AlbieCore™ system, please feel free to download our AlbieCore™ materials list.

To go along with our heater cores and castings, we offer a series of construction manuals which are fully illustrated with scale drawings, elevations and step-by-step color photos. We highly recommend these manuals to anyone wishing to build a with a core kit system.

If you’d like to talk with one of our heater builders directly, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone (207) 474-7465, or by sending your questions through our online contact form.