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Maine Wood Heat Co. produces the Signature Series oven line to help provide incredible ovens with much less on-site work and design headaches than a client would encounter when building an oven from all masonry materials. A well-built and well-drained patio space should be sufficient to place your oven on. Receiving and placement of the oven can be achieved in a day’s work with proper planning.

MWH Co. sales staff will arrange for delivery by common carrier and we’ll let you know the expected  (not guaranteed) transit time/arrival date/window. We’ll give you the contact info for your delivering local terminal and also tracking information. A full-size semi-truck will be pulling up to your house and you’ll be responsible for unloading with a forklift or similar equipment. You’ll need to let MWH Co. know if you’ve got any physical barriers (e.g. like narrow streets, where full size trucks are not allowed, no level area for unloading) that would prevent a semi from unloading easily and then we can arrange for a more appropriate delivery vehicle. Residential deliveries are always by appointment with the carrier who contacts the client when the oven arrives at the local freight terminal.  Then you’ll have the flexibility to accept delivery the next day or possibly up to two days later. Long delays in accepting the freight can lead to additional charges from the carrier.  

MWH Co. will alert you in advance of the size and weight of the crates so that you and your contractors/equipment operators can select the right forklift/equipment to handle the load and your terrain. That can vary from a heavy skid-steer to a 4wd construction lift depending on the oven model/size and the oven’s final location.  

MWH Co. crates are well-built to protect their precious contents and are well marked for safe lifting points and where not to lift from. Your crates should arrive in good shape but any visual damage on/to the crates should be recorded on the Bill of Lading before you sign it so that any damage done to our product during transit can be claimed. You’ll need a drill with a Torx bit to disassemble our crating. Then you’ll lift the stand (if you are using one of ours), place it where you need it and then level it using the adjustable feet. Once it’s exactly where you need it and level you can then set the oven atop it. This is typically done with blocking set atop the stand and then removed one or two at a time while you’re lifting the edge of the oven with the tips of your forks. Our stand is made with a smaller diameter stand than the oven’s so that you can lift from the outer edge of the oven.  

Occasionally our ovens are removed from a flatbed truck and placed by a crane because access to the backyard is restricted.  When this is the case it’s important to review our basic instructions on how to lift them safely and without damage “ our sales staff will send along when appropriate.  

In those cases where a client with local help cannot find a route to place a Signature Series oven then Maine Wood Heat can provide pricing for assembling them in place. We are willing to build them in nearly any location and in a few locales we can arrange for local masons we know to assemble with our pre-fabricated parts in order to reduce travel costs.