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In Masonry Heaters, a rich and wonderful book, Ken Matesz sweeps away the ashes of our ignorance about the right relationship to fire. He argues ” with quiet and crystal-clear clarity ” that masonry heaters are the most intelligent, gentle, efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable, beautiful, and healthy form of heating humans have ever known. There is more knowledge and truth about masonry heaters between these two covers than has ever before been published in English.

~ ALBIE BARDEN, Maine Wood Heat Company

We are excited to announce that Masonry Heaters: Designing, Building, and Living with a Piece of the Sun by Ken Matesz is now in stock and available for purchase here at Maine Wood Heat Co. This book is a complete guide to both designing and living with masonry heaters, which Ken rightly describes as “a piece of the sun – the warm center of the home’s universe.”

Ken first started learning about masonry heaters in the early 1980’s, and by the early 90’s, began building his own. Over the past twenty years, Ken has earned his reputation as an innovative and respected leader in the masonry heater world, and we are proud to both offer and endorse his work.

If you’d like to order Ken’s book, please fill out our contact form, or call our office at (207) 696-5442. We accept both MasterCard and Visa, personal checks, as well as payments online via PayPal.

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