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The second annual Kneading Conference came to Skowhegan, Maine earlier this month. Maine Wood Heat is proud to play a part in bringing a diverse assortment of professional and home bakers, farmers, millers and local foodies together in the name of reviving local grain production and traditional baking cultures. The conference has roots in a very simple idea that we hold near and dear: shortening the distance between field and table and strengthening the bonds between farmer, producer and consumer.

The Le Panyol Provence made an appearance.

The event was populated by experts from all walks of life and every aspect of our national food chain. There were grain experts (Dr. Stephen Jones-Washington State University, Eli Kaufman-Wheat Heritage Conservancy), agriculture experts (Don Lewis-Wildhive Farm, Mark Fulford-Teltane Farm, Jack Lazor-Butterworks Farm, Steve Zwinger-North Dakota State University, Will Bonsall-The Scatterseed Project), milling experts (Matt Williams-Aurora Mills), baking experts and chefs (Ciril Hitz and Richard Miscovich-Johnson and Wales University, Michael and Sandy Jubinsky-Stone Turtle Baking School, Dean Zoulamis-Mother Oven Bakery, Jim Amaral-Borealis Breads, Stephen Lanzalotta), and oven building experts (Pat Manley, Stu Silverstein, Maine Wood Heat!).

Look closely.

Needless to say, the weekend was incredibly informative. But it was also inspiring, fun and delicious in a way that words can’t really convey–so we took a lot of pictures. Click here to hop over to our wood fired oven gallery to see the newly added photos from day one of the event.

Day two photos to follow shortly, and while you’re waiting you can explore the links below to see what people are saying about the Kneading Conference.

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