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A Simple Guide on UL Listings & NSF Certifications…

If you are thinking about starting your own wood fired bakery or pizzeria or even a mobile catering business, one of the first steps you will want to take is to talk with your local health department about requirements you must meet in order to pass inspection and receive appropriate licensing. We typically work with clients from the very beginning to make this process as seamless as possible, first by sending information and having extensive discussions about our various commercial models and production capacities, ultimately deciding which Le Panyol will best fit their needs and business models.

Once a model is chosen, our clients take all the information they have about our Le Panyol ovens, as well as floor plans for their existing or potential location, to their local health department. Included in this packet of material should be a copy of our Le Panyol UL certification and installation instructions. It’s crucial to have these documents in hand because they represent the credibility of our products, and also explain proper installation instructions and ventilation requirements local inspectors will need to review before approving any plans “ a very critical step of the project.

Our Le Panyol ovens are UL listed which means they pass the requirements of a “refractory type” commercial wood fired baking appliance for the purpose of cooking and baking food products by utilizing solid wood fuel. Proper venting is a significant component of this listing. All Le Panyol ovens must be vented with a minimum diameter UL 103 HT listed chimney, or a code approved masonry chimney with a flue liner. The oven is required to be installed with a vertical flue or with a type 1 hood while adhering to specific clearances from combustible materials on all sides of the oven. If you have questions about this portion of your design, just have our team of ovenbuilders, or an experienced local mason help apply the appropriate clearances as you determine the best location for your oven and finalize your blueprints.

Along with being UL listed, Le Panyol ovens are also tested to meet ANSI/NSF 4 standards; a certification which ensures the product has been tested and has passed multiple food safety evaluations. They are also Category I certified in France, a set of standards which confirm “suitability of ceramic articles for food contact.”  We chose to carry Le Panyol ovens because they are made of an entirely organic, highly efficient material, Terre Blanche or “White Earth.” Mined from a rare singular deposit in the heart of Provence, “White Earth” is fired into Le Panyol oven core components without any performance, or structural additives. The natural insulative properties, and absolute purity of this specific type of clay positions Le Panyol ovens in a class of it’s own in terms of efficiency and food safety.

To learn more about our line of Le Panyol ovens, our certifications, the production capacities of our various models, or questions regarding your business plans or blueprints, please send us an email or give us a call at (207) 474-7465. Our team would be happy to dish out more advice!