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I hope we are able to share more testimonials like this one in 2012. Thanks to our clients, Jen & Dave, for sharing their story…

“Last fall Dave and I flew out to the San Juan Islands, Washington for a wedding. After the wedding weekend we decided to “road trip” from Seattle to Napa over the next week. Upon our arrival in Napa we stopped into a winery along the route (honestly, because I was dying to use the restroom). The winery was Medlock Ames.

After taking advantage of their “facilities” we decided to kick off our time in Napa with some tapas and a tasting. We wandered around their grounds and they have a big copper topped pizza oven. Dave and I both have a huge affinity for pizza – me, just because I love to cook and eat – especially interesting pizza concoctions – and him, because he used to work in a pizzeria in Long Island in high school tossing dough and making pies.

Dave bought land in South Kent in 2004 – on a whim – and eventually built a house in 2007. Dave and I have been “sneaking” up there in between renters over the past 2 years and have really grown to love the house and the area more and more. When Dave proposed in December of 2010 and we subsequently went about planning when, where and how of the wedding Kent came bubbling to the top as the place for us!

We landed on getting married in Kent, CT on 9-10-11. Due to the number of people and ease we decided to hold the wedding & reception at another private residence on Skiff Mountain in Kent, CT… BUT we wanted to welcome all of our guests traveling in for the festivities with a Friday night welcome party. What developed was a rehearsal dinner Pizza Party and “Roast & Toast” welcome bonfire for our guests at our home in South Kent, CT.

This is when we decided Kent is the perfect space and place for a pizza oven!! So, we began researching options and we kept coming back to the ‘one we saw in Napa’ – the Le Panyol copper domed oven.

So we began getting together landscaping plans for the creation of an outdoor kitchen with the pizza oven as the piece de résistance!  One of the things we felt was important was keeping with the very natural, outdoorsy feel of the property. In particular, we wanted to use the rich, mossy and patina stones out of the 100+ year old stone walls that are running throughout the property. We partnered with a local Kent Greenhouse & Gardens landscape design firm to help make this vision come to life. And after just a few weeks we had a new outdoor kitchen and were ready for the delivery of our new Le Panyol oven from Maine Wood Heat!

Now, the beautiful copper domed pizza oven was placed onto the outdoor kitchen and provides a stunning centerpiece for all of our backyard efforts. Coupling elegance with nature for perfect harmony just in time for our wedding festivities!!!!

Thanks all!

Jen + Dave