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Harvest & Hearth owners Pete and Gina Michelin purchased their Le Panyol Model 120 wood fired pizza oven from us last summer.  Pete actually made the drive from New York to Central Maine to pick up what was to become the centerpiece of his restaurant, and it was wonderful to get to meet such a nice client in person.

Following the visit we didn’t hear much from the Michelins, but we’ve come to expect that from restauranteurs.  The monumental task of opening a new restaurant is often only exceeded in intensity by the process of getting the venture settled into a predictable rhythm.  Still, murmurs in the pizza underground were good, and we were glad that Pete chose a Le Panyol for his local-centric field-to-table artisan wood fired pizza place.

In a feature in the  Saratoga Spotlight Times Pete sums up the Harvest & Hearth’s experience, saying “It’s all about the oven and the ingredients….We’re diligent about using the best local and/or organic produce we can find.  Add a high-quality, artisan dough, organic and natural cheeses, nitrate and antibiotic free meats, and this oven and you’ve got yourself an incredible pizza experience.”

Organic Le Panyol wood fired oven, organic local produce, meats and artisan cheeses–sounds just about right!

We have unfortunately not made it to Saratoga Springs to sample Havest & Hearth’s wood fired pizza and photograph the oven, but we do have a few links so that you can make a virtual trip over to New York yourself.  First, a local Saratoga professional photographer named Rob Spring snapped off a few lovely photos of the oven and the space, which you can see on his photo blog.  You can also download a great review from the Albany Times Union (which we had to steal the photo above from, sorry!) and the piece from the Saratoga Spotlight Times on Harvest & Hearth’s homepage.

Should all of this fancy talk fail to impress you, the H&H artisan wood fired pizza menu is also available on their site, and that should do the trick!

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