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Last Spring, I learned how to make wood fired artisan French bread from Michael & Sandy Jubinsky at their school, Stone Turtle Baking & Cooking, in Lyman, Maine. In the first few minutes of class, it was clear I was in the company of not only great knowledge and skill, but also great love. Michael and Sandy were clearly passionate about the art and science of baking, and of each other. They worked together seamlessly, as if extensions of one another, or in my favorite words of Forest Gump, “Like peas and carrots.”

To kick off the holidays, we’d like to celebrate with some very exciting news we just received from Michael & Sandy. Turns out, there are many who recognize their greatness. This year, Michael was featured in the highly acclaimed Dessert Professional Magazine as one of the Top 10 Bread Bakers in America. Click here to read the full article and join us in congratulating Michael & Sandy for their remarkable achievement.