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The following post is from one of our Le Panyol wood-fired oven dealers and partners, Larry Beaumont of Beaumont Stoneworks, in Duluth, Minnesota. We’d like to welcome Beaumont Stoneworks as a trained dealer and contractor for installing Le Panyol wood-fired ovens for residential and commercial projects in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin…

Dear Maine Wood Heat Readers:

Minnesotans have always cherished having a warm hearth to gather around and we’re seeing a strong resurgence of natural stone combined with an appreciation of wood-fired cooking. Wood-fired ovens are already hot in the restaurant market. We had a great opportunity to jump into building these ovens in a big way, installing a pair of Le Panyol 180s for the Clyde Park Restaurant in Duluth, MN.

Why did we choose Le Panyol wood-fired ovens?

*  Purity “ Since we specialize in working with granite and other stone, we’re biased toward the timelessness, durability and purity of natural materials. In the case of Le Panyol cores, there has been a long record of outstanding performance. Le Panyol oven components are made from Terre Blanche clay, a completely natural material that has been used for food preparation since Roman times.

*  Efficiency “ Efficiency comes from the design of the oven core itself. We believe the design of Le Panyol ovens and the door height proportions offer the very best ratios for efficient wood burning combustion. The ovens “charge” very quickly so they are ready to cook faster and they hold heat well, saving on the amount of wood used.

*  People “ Any dependable product has to have a great support system. I was very impressed with the passion and expertise that was consistently displayed by the Maine Wood Heat team. In addition to getting hands-on training at their facility in Maine, I received in-depth answers to all my questions along the way and soon realized I was dealing with an elite group of experts in the field of wood-fired ovens. I knew I would get all the support information I needed concerning my own oven installs.

*  Product Information “ Finally, I found the Maine Wood Heat Web site to be very educational and helpful. The blog, specs and drawings were very useful for both myself and the building contractor.

We’re glad to be on the Le Panyol team! I always say stonework is hard work but the people, from the team to customers with a vision, make it fun work.

Looking forward to our next Le Panyol wood-fired oven project!

Larry Beaumont