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We’re in the business of designing and building the social centers of a home, places for gathering, visiting, relaxing, inexhaustible eating and enjoying the company of family and friends. The vibrancy, mystique, and warm embrace of a fire from our masonry heaters or wood fired ovens, ignite the energy of all who surround it.

These social gatherings make up some of our fondest memories over the past thirty years we’ve been in business. As we grow and explore ways to reach new customers, and keep in touch with those we’ve met along the way, we realized we weren’t fully taking part in one of the most organic, exciting social centers of this day in age¦networks on the World Wide Web.

In the late 1970’s when we started our business, we certainly never thought we’d be tweeting. Tweets were the sound that came from our windows and got us out of bed in the morning. They were songs we heard while walking through the fields surrounding our farmhouse or along the banks of the Kennebec River. We had friends that we could probably call fans, but our profile consisted of the office number in an antiquated phone book.

So here we are in 2010, stepping proudly into the realm of Facebook and Twitter. As the social beings that we are, this is an exciting new step for us. We have the opportunity to deliver helpful, interesting, relevant information to fellow aficionados of masonry heaters or wood fired ovens, to share what we know, and hopefully learn from the new friends we meet.

Despite our efforts to reach out to you on the Web, we are still traditional at heart. We hope you become our fan on Facebook, or follow our tweets, but we’d be just as happy if you gave us a call, or even stopped by our Web site again soon.

As folks often say in Maine, We’ll leave the light on for yah.



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