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The colors of spring jumped out of this recipe. The purple cabbage and vibrant green peas. These aren’t vegetables locally available in our northern region at this time of year but these colors are here. Purple of pansies and violets. Green of the popping foliage, irises, grass.

This is my favorite time of year¦ although, admittedly, I say that at the start of each new season. That’s the beauty of living where there are four dramatic seasons. Each changing season opens our eyes to the beauty around us and brings appreciation and marvel to very familiar landscapes.

This recipe was easy, quick, yet still rewarding. Revisions were made to the instructions to utilize the live fire in the oven rather than wait for the suggested baking temperature of 400Ëš. After the initial intense start up heat, I maintained a small fire to mellow the temperature. The oven averaged around 500Ëš with the fire in the rear of the oven. While the fire died down, I prepared all the ingredients- ground up the wasabi peas, zested, then squeezed the limes, chopped the veggies for the side dish and waited.

When the oven was tempered I placed the salmon fillets in a 14′ cast iron skillet, skin side down, and covered the top with the ground peas and lime zest. The pan was then placed just inside the oven opening, to the right of the door entrance.

I turned the pan every couple of minutes to even out the heat, and after several minutes, placed a piece of foil over the pan and cooked it until the fish was finished.

The cabbage and pea side dish was an easy saute. The heat from the fire is perfect for this. It takes a watchful eye and continual maintenance but the result is delicious- crisp, yet tender veggies.