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Our masonry heater projects all tell a story. Many begin with a mesmerizing flame, an experience that ignites an interest in one of the most traditional forms of heating, captured and designed to provide warmth and comfort in the most efficient way.

The start, the story, the heater; they are never the same. We meet young families in search of a gathering place within their home, older couples hoping to retire alongside a wood fire, or even inspired masons who travel across the country to take a workshop with Albie, to eventually build his or her own heater, and spread knowledge and awareness of masonry heaters to their own corners of the world.

Each foundation that is poured sets the stage for a new creation inspired by our client’s vision, needs and sense of place. Our masonry heater builders harness these qualities, and add their own technical expertise and creativity to design a heater that compliments the aesthetics of the home to last a lifetime, and generations to come.

There are few things you choose to live with for a lifetime, which is why building a masonry heater is a decision that is not typically made overnight. It is a concept that takes research and understanding, and forethought. After learning about our products and services, some of our clients decide to purchase just the hardware and plans to build their own heaters, and some choose to work with us on the entire project.

Regardless of what our client’s decide, we are always available to review blueprints and go over technical questions along the way. Masonry heaters are most efficient when located in the center of a home, so we help our clients determine what is possible in the space they have to work with, and which core package would best meet their needs.

If a custom project takes shape, we are fortunate to be invited into our client’s lives. Our masonry heater builders learn about the history of their home, the architecture, the surrounding landscape, the family and their vision. After a few conversations by phone and/or email, we generally meet our clients at their home base or ours. After a face-to-face meeting it is much easier to envision together what is possible in terms of both design and budget. On-site visits help our masonry heater builders get a clearer feeling of the property and living space and may also help determine if on-site stone or brick is suitable for the project.

After these initial meetings, our heater builders get to work putting everything they learned down on paper in the form of layouts and measures. Once the basic sketches and concepts are approved, our clients watch in excitement and anticipation as their heater takes shape. At the end of the project, we celebrate by lighting the small inaugural fire, and sit together to enjoy its warmth, comfort and radiance, which will be shared with family and friends for years to come.