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This fall was chock full of special occasions here at Maine Wood Heat and in our family. We hosted a ping pong tournament at the shop that successfully raised money to support the programs of Main Street Skowhegan. This event brought together lots of local folks for an afternoon of wood fired pizza, ping pong and socializing. The shop was transformed to create a festive stage for the event. Balloons and Christmas lights livened up the space where tournament participants played on the two available ping pong tables. Players and observers enjoyed wood fired pizza, some other tasty treats and warmth from the newly completed, shop masonry heater. It was a fun afternoon and we were happy to help the amazing work of Main Street Skowhegan.

Scott playing in the tournament on the timber frame ping pong table he made in college.

Amber preparing some pizza dough.

The following weekend our family enjoyed a beautiful day in Unity, Me, where we gathered with siblings, in-laws, nephews and friends for the wedding of a loved one. I made this cake for the celebration. It had been a while since I put together a cake of this magnitude from start to finish. I was quite pleased with the final product and everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy the decadent flavors.

The Common Ground Fair is always a high point in our year, something we start looking look forward to at the beginning of summer. Along with all the crafters, animals, activities and delicious food, there are people – lots and lots of people. It is a time to reconnect with friends from afar whom we see but once a year. In years past the kids and I spent the fair nights camping out in our booth. This year we were joined by Scott and some friends and family. The late night hours were spent with other campers, making music and sharing laughs. The days were filled with beauty and inspiration. Seeing people live their passion through crafting, farming, cooking, educating and sharing motivates and inspires me to maintain my own ideals.


Thalia, with Oliver’s help, sold her earrings, hair pins and dog toys at the Youth Enterprise Zone (YEZ) for the first time this year.

Three mobile ovens produced by Maine Wood Heat were at the fair grounds this year. These ovens were used to produce all the bread for the “Common Kitchen” that feeds the crowd of MOFGA volunteers throughout the fair. All day Friday, a dedicated volunteer baker shuttled loaves of bread from the kitchen, to our booth were she baked them off beautifully in our oven, then returned them to the kitchen for the enjoyment and nourishment of all those who make the fair possible. We got to sample a loaf to make sure it was good… wink, wink. It was indeed delicious, of course. Crunchy crust on the outside with a slightly sour flavored crumb on the inside. Mmmm mmmm!

Some dough, all proofed and ready to go.

Loading the oven.

In October we attended another wedding. This time as pizza makers at our friends’ wedding. We hauled the mobile oven to St. Albans, ME., into a back field, over looking rolling hills, alive with the fall foliage. The clouds cleared out in the late afternoon with a heavenly display of gorgeous pinks, purples and blues leading to clear skies and bright sunshine. Scott, Albie, Oliver, Calder and I set to work making pizzas for the eager attendants. It was a whirlwind production and we all worked fast and diligently to keep up with the demand from the crowd. The oven was hot and well tended by Scott so we were pulling out pizzas about every one and a half to two minutes. There was a game at one point started by the hungry, amazed watchers, to see how fast the pizzas were indeed cooking. It was FAST! Scott and I both left our cameras at home in the hustle and bustle of oven (and family) preparation and transport. I do wish I had some images to share, it was amazing. I hope my words do some justice in explaining the wonderful experience.

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