Residential Wood Fired Ovens

Fire up a Le Panyol…

& Ignite your Love of Baking
Residential Wood Fired Ovens

Residential Wood Fired Ovens

Whether you’re cooking homemade breads, pies, cakes, steaks, fish, chops, pizza on the hearth, our Le Panyol wood fired ovens bring friends and family together year round.

From the model 66 through the model 100, each of our Le Panyol residential ovens are:

~ 100% Organic.

Le Panyol wood burning ovens are made of “Terre Blanche” clay. You can bake the best breads, crispy, chewy pizza crusts, and succulent roasted meats right on the hearth tiles. Unlike the drying atmosphere of a low mass gas or electric oven, the moisture and succulent juices inside of any food are sealed and preserved in a Le Panyol.

~ Heat efficient.

The real magic of the “Terre Blanche” lies in its unique insulative properties. By balancing the stored and radiant energy of a fire, a Le Panyol comes online quickly and holds heat longer. Since less fuel is needed to reach higher temperatures, Le Panyol ovens dramatically reduce wood consumption, resulting in a heat source that is clean-burning, renewable and conducive to greener living. 

~ Accurate.

A professional grade earthenware hearth is the foundation of every Le Panyol oven. This conductive surface rounds out the marriage of thermal energies in the oven, ensuring even heat distribution for unequaled culinary versatility. The unique Le Panyol “orange wedge” dome and more than 150 years of flue and door structure refinement create precise convection airflow to feed your fire and cook every dish to perfection.

There are a number of options to choose from when thinking about installing a Le Panyol oven in your home. We offer each of our residential ovens as core kit packages along with the materials necessary to build your oven on-site. If you prefer to have our team build your oven, we also offer a full line of signature turnkey models which we assemble here at our headquarters in Maine and ship to our clients ready to use. The other option is to have our team of ovenbuilders work with you from start to finish, from selecting the right oven core to fit your needs and space, to custom designing and installing your oven on-site at your home. Browse our residential oven gallery to view our recent installations, and get a few ideas for your own project.

To learn more about these packages or options, or talk with one of our ovenbuilders directly, please fill out our online form or call our office (207) 474-7465 for a free consultation.