The Terre Blanche de Larnage


The Terre Blanche de Larnage
Terre Blanche: Sensational Soil

At the doorstep of Provence, tucked away at the heart of the Crozes Hermitage vineyards, lies special deposit of clay—the “Terre Blanche” or “White Earth” of Larnage.

This unique material has been refined over the passage of millions of years. It is born of natural elements: abundant sunshine, brisk winds, and the cool, clear water of the ancient streams and rivers of the area.

“Terre Blanche” yields two remarkable things: excellent wine and exceptional earthenware cooking products. It has been the primary element in French culinary ceramics since the Roman era, prized for its exceptional thermal properties and durability.

The Material

The “Terre Blanche” of Larnage is not found anywhere else in the world. It is a kaolinic clay of exceptional composition and quality:

    • The presence of kaolin gives the clay its pure white color.
    • High aluminum oxide content makes the clay resistant to heat exceeding 2966°F. It is a perfect natural refractory product.
    • Containing no iron oxide, the clay does not distort the taste of food—you can cook directly on the oven floor!
    • It is 100% organic, consisting of all natural elements and free of impurities, additives and chemical bonding agents common in cold cast refractory (concrete) ovens.
Our Treasure, Our Terroir

“Terre Blanche” has been quarried for oven manufacturing since the 19th Century. The White Earth has always made itself readily available to those who mine it with care. Like any precious resource, it is a product of time and must be used conscientiously.

Le Panyol’s careful, calculated methods of harvesting and manufacturing have passed from generation to generation for over 150 years. We are passionate about our heritage and it is a privilege to be able to continue producing wood fired ovens that are true to tradition. Furthermore, we jealously protect our production secrets in order to maintain the integrity of the product.

The Harvest

“Terre Blanche” is quarried without the use of explosives or invasive mining techniques. It is cleansed with pure, clear water—never mixed with other materials or treated with chemicals.

Before firing, the “Terre Blanche” travels just four kilometers to Tain L’Hermitage, and the Le Panyol workshop. Here it is handcrafted into the individual earthenware “elements” that will eventually come together to create a wood fired oven.

The Process

Traditional craftsmanship is the secret to achieving and maintaining the highest quality each and every day. Within the historic confines of the Le Panyol workshops, our skilled ceramicists reconstitute the “Terre Blanche” using the components extracted from the quarry. Each individual part of an oven, from the voussoirs to the floor tiles and grog, is created in a specific manner according the purpose it will eventually serve. Finally, the winds of the Rhone Valley slowly dry the pieces before they are later fired at very high temperatures.

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant-The artisanal methods and processes used to mix “Terre Blanche” and mould, shape and cut each individual core element have earned Le Panyol the distinction of E.P.V. – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (or Living Heritage Company). As a hand-made product, each piece is unique giving each Le Panyol its own “fingerprint.”

The World’s Only All Natural Wood Fired Oven

Earth, Water, Wind and Fire combine in every Le Panyol. Only an oven born of a furnace—unique, 100% organic and tempered by fire—can infuse the finest cuisine with the energy and authenticity of a wood fire.

The Terre Blanche de Larnage