Oven Testimonials

A few words from our clients...

“…We’re in our fourth year now, and business is great. We mostly use the oven for our artisan wood fired pizza, but also utilize the oven to fire roast a number of ingredients for our homemade soups and special salads. The oven (as you may know) sits prominently at the head of the dining room, and our diners watch as the dough is tossed, topped and of course cooked in our wonderful Le Panyol oven. We’ve been rated by Urban Spoon website as having the best pizza in the entire Capital District. We also received the accolade of Best Pizza in the area from Metroland Magazine, a local political, arts, music, and culinary newspaper based out of Albany. We’ve received a number of other favorable reviews from local papers and publications over the last few years as well. 

So, needless to say, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of my Le Panyol oven core. Thanks again to everyone at Maine Wood Heat for making this wonderful oven available to me!”

Pete Michelin
Harvest and Hearth

“…Wanted to let you know I fired up the oven and it worked beautifully!  The oven got up to temp quite quickly and efficiently – the oven also retained the heat for a long time…

Janet and I wanted to let you know at Maine Wood Heat how much we appreciated all your help in helping us select the right model for our Orcas Island home…”

- Geoff and Janet Hamill

“…I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help…I have thought of other ovens, but in my opinion the copper oven is the most beautiful and eye catching. I also grew up in Calais and feel that giving some hard working Maine people some business would make the whole experience that much better. Thanks again.”

- Chris Getchell

…You’ve been wonderful to work with.

The shipment arrived today. We have a great RESPECT for Scott and the packing operation. The packing shocked us. The crating was very cool, the way the pieces were all laid out and protected indicated great attention and consideration.

Thanks to the crew for all the effort And all the patience.”

- George Monsour


“…I’m in love with a wonderful stove…this is the most beautiful, elegant and well designed thing we have every owned.  Had a fabulous maiden voyage making pizza in the orchard yesterday, huge hit with the public. Thank you, we LOVE it, great draft, amazing heat holding capacity.”

- Elizabeth Ryan

“About three years ago, I contacted MainDan Woodruff and Matt Parrott, Standard Pizza Co.e Wood Heat looking for pricing on the mobile ovens. After receiving a quote, at the time, I felt that the cost of the oven was simply too high. Instead of spending that amount of money on a mobile oven, I decided to build a wood fired oven in my back yard. Attached is a thread of the photos that were taken as I worked on this backyard oven.

I am sharing these photos because my design was heavily influenced by an oven that your company has built. If it had not been for the photos and drawings that you shared on the web site, I would never have been able to complete this project. In about two weeks, I am driving to Maine to pick up my Maine Wood Heat portable oven. After having built one of these ovens, I have realized that the price that you sell your mobile ovens for is very reasonable.

Thanks for your inspiration and for your dedication to the craft. I have enjoyed the journey.”

- Dan Woodruff

“Thank you again, very much, for your time and the opportunity to get this oven. It’s very much the next step I needed to take. I just wasn’t quite prepared for how much it’s like going from riding a mule to stepping into a Cadillac..but that is the fun part…”

- Louise Wakefield

“Here’s a picture from our oven in Cape Elizabeth. I’m very happy with the oven. It works much better than refractory concrete oven I had in my old house…”

- Steve Harmon

“Cheryl, I wanted to express my appreciation for how great I was treated when I interacted with your company. Everyone was so nice to me…Jamie Allman helped build an oven we can all be very proud of.”

- Dan Cardone