Prefab Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Prefab Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Ignite, Revive & Savor

…the art of wood fired baking with a prefabricated Le Panyol oven.

Maine Wood Heat Co. now offers a full line of residential and commercial prefabricated wood fired ovens as part of the Signature Turnkey Series. These models are shipped fully assembled and ready to use as soon as they are delivered to your home or business. Each model in this signature series is handcrafted, as well as:

~ 100% Organic.

Le Panyol oven cores are made of 100% organic “Terre Blanche” clay.  Unlike the drying atmosphere of a low mass gas or electric oven, the moisture and succulent juices inside any food are sealed and preserved in a Le Panyol.

~ Fully Assembled.

Handcrafted by our meticulous craftsmen, each with years of experience designing high efficiency, gourmet wood fired ovens.

~ A Piece of Art.

Our Le Panyol ovens are not only the most efficient, 100% organic oven in North America, they’re also a piece of art. Each copper or steel dome is handmade by our local world-class artisans, and is signed by the artist to the new owner, guaranteeing the oven is designed to last a lifetime.

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Prefab Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
Prefab Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

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