Custom Masonry Ovens

Custom Masonry Ovens

Building a Custom Masonry Oven

When you purchase a Le Panyol wood fired oven for your home or business, you bring a piece of the French culinary experience into your life. As a chef or baker, you can rest assured that with the Terre Blanche oven core you have the best of the best, and indoors or out–a Le Panyol is easily integrated into almost any setting. All that remains is building your dream wood fired oven as you imagine it!

The Le Panyol construction manual, photo series and lighting instructions available to download here can be used to gain an understanding of the oven construction and firing process. As always, Maine Wood Heat is here to lend our experience and know-how along the way. Our experienced team of ovenbuilders travel all over the country designing and building custom masonry ovens for our clients. We can just supply the materials and initial guidance, or you can hire our team to management the project from start to finish.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Review our residential or commercial oven core packages
  2. Determine which model will best fit your needs and space
  3. Email our builders your plans or pictures of your space
  4. We’ll get back to you with feedback on your plans, ordering your core package, and special materials you’ll need for the installation
  5. Oven cores must be paid in full before shipment. Our office staff will provide you with accurate detailed quotes as soon as the core packages and special materials are finalized
  6. Allow 2 weeks for packaging and shipping oven core orders
  7. If you plan to work with us on a custom designed masonry oven, contact us for lead-time and cost estimates

If you’re interested in building your own oven, or working with our team of ovenbuilders, please call our friendly office staff (207) 474-7465.