#05190-N American Steel Damper

#05190-N American Steel Damper

Steel end-pull damper/frame/lintel/coverplate
(handle pulls from the narrow end)

8-1/4″ x 15-3/4″ (8″ x 12″ Flue)

Weight: 14 kg
Price: $232.50

This all-steel damper is made in Maine by good friend of ours. The damper fits standard and modular (8″ x 12″ / 9″ x 13″) flue tile liners and pulls from the narrow end of the flue through one course of brick. The extended damper frame doubles as a lintel. We install ours with a 1/4″ strip of mineral wool below and above the lintel frame portion to allow for movement, then attach the adjustable depth cover plate so no big gaps in the masonry are visible. A small cut-out in the end of the damper allows carbon monoxide to escape.


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Finished Heater with #05190-N Damper

#05190-N American Steel Damper