Masonry Heater Project Diaries

Project Diaries

One of our greatest pleasures here at Maine Wood Heat is seeing a new house become a home. Being invited to take part in that transformation is why we chose masonry heating as our life’s work.

When building a masonry heater, which we often refer to as the “Heart of a Home,” it’s impossible not to become emotionally invested in our work. We are invited into our client’s lives, and it’s not long before they become a part of our own. With each home, there’s a new story, friendships develop, and a lifelong place of gathering, warmth and comfort is created.

Click on an image below to read through our extensive masonry heater project diaries to get an inside look at how we design, build and install masonry heaters, and the great friends we have met over the 30 years we’ve been in business.

Mahoney soapstone wood burning heater

Mahoney Soapstone Heater

masonry heater in backwoods yurt

Helike Flue Tile Cooker/Heater

rothschild cooker heater

Rothschild Heater

cain heater

Cain Heater

stacy wood burning heater

Stacy Heater

reynolds-burns masonry wood burning heater

Reynolds-Burns Heater

milliken masonry heater project

Milliken Heater

belanger wood heater

Belanger Heater

allman masonry wood burning fireplace

Allman Heater

gross and sassman heater

Gross & Sassman Heater

reuman masonry woodburning heater

Reuman Heater