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We are delighted to partner with a third generation masonry firm in Finland called Tiileri (translation: “bricks”) that has a large number of quality masonry heater kits and designs that are entirely pre-cut (both core and veneer components) and packaged on pallets. These high efficiency Tiileri units will be shipped directly from Finland to an East Coast port of entry then by overland freight to a client’s home. Well defined construction plans are included with the kits and a skilled mason or very focused DIY builder with masonry know-how can assemble the system. These heaters have very well defined material costs and assembly time estimate and come in at a more moderate price than a custom handmade heater. There are several models, colors, and features, please click on the images below to view the options:


With a growing American interest in tiny houses and very energy efficient homes, we have noted a corresponding increase of interest and sales of the Tigkachel units. We think they are some of the most beautiful masonry stoves being made anywhere. The great thing about these units is that they are not mortared together – they are a tongue and grove assembly and they can be assembled in a day or two. And they come in 14 different colors to accent your home’s decor!

Les Pierres Steatites

As our leading soapstone supplier for our heater projects, we are thrilled to offer the Les Pierres Steatites heater kits. Different sizes and shapes to fit the needs of those who love the look and feel of soapstone and want to tackle building the heater locally or themselves (skilled Do-It-Yourselfer). We have worked extensively with the Les Pierre Soapstone which is easy to machine, polish, and repair and has great beauty. The family owned company is only 150 miles from our Skowhegan, ME operation. Dealing with Les Pierres Steatites is always a pleasure – there is no middle man or overseas shipping and we have the assurance at all times of the readily available stone through our friends there. Click on an image below to view the models and options:

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