Kevin Cabrera: The Big Island’s Itinerant Baker.


After meeting Albie at The Bread Baker’s Guild of America’s Camp Bread a few years ago, Kevin and Kay Cabrera decided to make the trip to Maine for last year’s Kneading Conference (all the way from their home in Hawaii!). Both Kevin and Kay are passionate bakers, and Kevin had dreamed of having his own wood fired oven for quite some time.

What started as long trip to meet other artisan bakers and learn about local grain cultivation led to the purchase of a Le Panyol Model 99. Kevin clad his oven in steel atop an able little trailer and now has his own mobile bakery, The Sandwich Isle Bread Company.

Kevin’s been keeping us up-to-date with frequent dispatches and photos, which we’d like to pass on. First we’ll bring you up to speed on everything that’s been happening since March.

March 6, 2008

So last Saturday was my first tentative outing to a farmer’s market and without taking the oven we sold out of the 25 loaves that I had made the evening before. That represented about three fourths of the production for that day as I burned the first batch of loaves. They went for $7.00 a loaf sour dough, whole wheat, and whole wheat raisin. We sold out in 90 min.

Yesterday I started baking for the bread club ( at this point about 6 couples who paid for bread for months in advance) but since I had the oven fired up I went ahead and baked the full 36 loaves wondering how I would get rid of the extra. Well by the time I had finished the last batch of loaves they were all sold as well.

So far I have been able to get three loads of 12 1.5lb loafs per firing .

At this time I am looking for Ideas on a good method to refire with propane to push that to four loads. If I can do that five days a week this plan just might pan out.

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  1. Renee Kroll  August 23, 2008

    I’m a member of Chef Kev’s Bread Head Club. I look forward to whatever Kevin decides to bake each week. I have purchased extra (when he has any) and give away to my neighbors.
    Chef Kev is so excited about meeting the needs of the local bread lovers that he is now considering purchasing a much larger permanent oven! We are excited for him.

  2. lepanyolusa  August 25, 2008

    Yay Renee! Congrats on being the first person to comment on our Wood Heat Blog! We’re certainly glad to hear from a fan of Kevin’s bread, thanks for passing on the news.

  3. hoppernumber9  August 25, 2008

    I think Kevin should run for president and solve the worlds
    havoc with bread.
    That would diffenately require another oven.

    A TOAST to the Cabrera’s bread!… (no bun, I mean PUN intended!)
    #1 fan in Kohala


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