Maine Wood Heat at Work

Cheryl & CateCheryl & Cate

Cheryl & Cate

Cheryl Barden Kemper & Cate Conway Teaching a Workshop at the 2009 Kneading Conference

Albie BardenAlbie Barden

Albie Barden

Pre-cutting and drilling a soapstone heater kit

Albie BardenAlbie Barden

Albie Barden

Smoothing edges of a Le Panyol voissoir

Copper OvensCopper Ovens

Copper Ovens

Line of copper ovens ready for shipment

Oliver BardenOliver Barden

Oliver Barden

Like father, like son…

Scott BardenScott Barden

Scott Barden

Pre-cutting soapstone for a custom masonry heater

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