This Just in from Standard Pizza Co.


This Just in from Standard Pizza Co.

Today we heard from one of our most recent mobile oven clients about his experience traveling around this summer with his new Le Panyol mobile oven. Dan Woodruff, and business partner Matt Parrott, are serving up wood fired pies at special events, farmers markets, weddings and festivals in Western Michigan and are developing quite a following. Check them out on their newly launched Web site or Facebook page. We look forward to keeping an eye on this dynamic duo!

“We had the oven out at an event this Saturday. Our best yet!

I found myself thinking about how lucky we are to have your oven. In my backyard oven, pizzas cook very unevenly. I would burn the first few pizzas almost every time. I also had to make sure that the hearth temperature was down in the low to mid 700s or I would consistently burn pizzas. With your oven, I never burn pizzas. When we started the event this weekend, we wanted to get a lot of pizzas out quickly. We created a crescent style fire with the main fire being in the back and smaller fires crawling down the sides. We were pulling completely cooked and beautiful pizzas out of the oven in 45 seconds. I always thought 90 seconds was the quickest. Not in your oven. As you can see, we remain serious fans.”

- Dan Woodruff


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