Le Panyol in King Arthur Flour Fall Baker’s Catalog


Maine Wood Heat has enjoyed working with King Arthur flour for several years now. Our first project together was a giant Le Panyol Model 180 commercial oven for King Arthur’s Baking Education Center in Norwich, Vermont. Their instructors have given us some excellent feedback on the teaching oven and quite a few excellent photo ops. Needless to say, they’re a great ally to have in the wood fired oven industry.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with King Arthur Flour again to introduce a unique new Le Panyol oven. The Provence is a first-of-its-kind turnkey wood fired oven.

It made its debut in King Arthur’s early fall catalog just a few days ago, and the Baking Education Center Staff has been using a prototype on site since early summer. The response has been incredible, and our little oven is now even causing a bit of a stir in the blogosphere.

The Epi-Log on says, “Get amazing results, food with fabulous crispiness and flavor that only comes from cooking and baking in this old-school way.” Slice at has also weighed in, saying “Ten grand might be out of your budget, but think how perfect that flaky, wood-fired crust will get.”

No matter your aesthetic preference, artisan-traditional or modern-sleek, Maine Wood Heat and Le Panyol USA have a world-class wood fired oven for your home. We can answer all of your questions about Le Panyol wood fired ovens, and the Provence is in the country and in stock. You can also pay our friends at King Arthur Flour a visit to request a catalog, see a schedule of wood fired baking classes or take a look at their shiny new Provence at the Baking Education Center in Norwich, VT.



  1. glen peterson  October 11, 2008

    Hello, do you know whether the bricks in this oven can be removed and re-assembled, or are they cemented together?

    Thank you,


  2. Barry Ayres  November 30, 2008

    Did you price these for us ?

    Shipping to Houston etc etc..

    Barry Ayres / Houston

    Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving!!


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