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Clam Chowder

By November 6, 2014 2 Comments

At the beginning of September, close to a full, harvest moon, Oliver and grampa-Albie, went to the coast to dig some hen clams. They learned of a secret clamming spot from a friend who assured them they would go home with lots of clams, gathered in a very short period. True to the friend’s word, they shared a beautiful evening, digging clams on the coast of Maine at a super low tide. Oliver excitedly brought his cooler full of giant clams home the next day and he and I shucked clams late into the night. After a second night of Oliver and Scott shucking clams, our freezer was stocked with special bags of ocean treasure. A few clams were left whole to cook up a feast at the shop. And a feast it was; clam chowder and stuffed clams. Mmmmm!

clam chowder

clam chowder-2

clam chowder-4

clam chowder-5

clam chowder-7

clam chowder-6

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