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From the Oven

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A week in review through food photos. Please post your own creations to share and inspire.

from the oven 8-13-14

from the oven 8-13-14-7

Brioche (“Baking Artisan Bread”, by Ceril Hitz)

from the oven 8-13-14-3

from the oven 8-13-14-6

Stick Buns (“Whole Grain Breads”, by Peter Reinhart, with my modifications)

from the oven 8-13-14-4

from the oven 8-13-14-5

Another go at Pain Rustique (“From the Wood-Fired Oven”, by Richard Miscovich)

from the oven 8-13-14-2

Granola (by Cate)

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