Mobile Oven Review

Mobile Oven Review

Standard Pizza Co., West Michigan

“…the oven is the closest thing to perfection that you will ever find. I had similar concerns to your own. Maine Wood Heat has great customer service. Everything that they promised was delivered and more.

Running a mobile business is extremely hard on equipment. We have had tents blow away in the wind. We have more dents than we would like show up on our refrigerated pizza table, and we have busted more small equipment than I would like to admit. However, the oven has gone through all this without a scratch. The bottom line is that the oven is built for the road.

Maine Wood Heat has thought of everything. As to pitting, when I went through the buying process, I took a quick look at the “Fire Within” product from Forno Bravo. One of the issues that I had was that the refractory cement cores looked like they were degrading quickly showing a lot of pitting. The Le Panyol core that Maine Wood heat uses is as beautiful today as it was the first time we fired the oven. When you first fire the oven, the dome turns pitch black. By the time the oven is to temperature, the dome is bright white. I have seen not a single crack or pit. A few weeks back, I hit a very large pot hole. I was sure that when I got home, I would find that the dome had collapsed. To my surprise and happiness, the dome was fine. Maine Wood heat uses a cabling system that ties the core to the base. The dome is not going any where. The trailer is custom made for Maine Wood Heat. It tracks perfectly behind my truck. The trailer is beefy. It is made out of solid steel. My theory is that if the trailer goes up against a Mac truck, the truck is going to be the worst off.

As to the dome, if you choose not to shine it, the copper will turn to a darker brown. For marketing reasons, I choose to keep in polished. About every two weeks, I will take out the polish and shine it back to its original glimmer. It takes about an hour to do the shining work by hand…

If you are willing to pay the price, you will not be disappointed.”

- Dan Woodruff, Standard Pizza Co.