Le Panyol Core Construction Series

Laying hearth tilesLaying hearth tiles

Laying hearth tiles

All Le Panyol models are easily and quickly built in the same manner. The hearth tiles are laid dry on a bed of grog.

Arch openingArch opening

Arch opening

The arch opening is centered and set near the front of the hearth.

Voussoir segmentsVoussoir segments

Voussoir segments

12″ sticks are propped under the orange slice elements (voussoirs) to lend support during the dry stack construction.

Secure voussoirsSecure voussoirs

Secure voussoirs

Using anchors set in the sides of the arch lintel, tie wire is wrapped around the base to secure the elements.

Keystone placementKeystone placement

Keystone placement

When the voussoirs are evenly set, the keystone is slipped into place. Remember, each earthenware element is crafted to be slightly irregular and unique so as to all for minor expansion and contraction cycles during firing. A perfect fit is not as important as structural integrity.

The ArchThe Arch

The Arch

Then set the half voussoirs over the arch lintel.

Some choose to add the half voussiors over the arch lintel before placing the keystone, making sure that all the tips fit together at the top.

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