Model 180 Pizzaioli Package

Model 180 Pizzaioli Package

Model 180 Pizzaioli Package + $2820.00

We offer special materials needed for an on-site installation as a convenience for our Le Panyol customers. This package offers the highest quality materials and perfect amount of insulation needed if you plan on cooking primarily live fire cuisine like pizza, stir-fries, and occasionally roasted meats and breads for a smaller scale restaurant or bakery.

This package includes:

  • 8.5 Pieces Skamol
  • 300 ft² SuperWool
  • 1375 lbs. of Grog
  • Stainless steel throat adaptor
  • 4 Tapcon screws
  • 5′ Fiberglass tape
    • Shipping and handling fees are billed separately. Please call our office before purchasing your oven core & special materials package for an accurate freight estimate (207) 474-7465.